Mail Forwarding
Mail Forwarding
How does it work?

Whether you have two letters or ten, we offer you the most cost-effective option.  If you have two pieces, we charge by the letter; if you have ten pieces, then we can forward your mail by USPS Global Priority Mail.  If you receive a parcel, you can simply provide us your FedEx, DHL, or UPS account number and we will have your carrier pick up your parcel from our location and ship it to you.  You can decide the method of shipment (expedited or standard) and choose your carrier.  We have a flat-rate service charge of $10 per parcel (smaller parcels will be consolidated into a larger one, allowing you to minimize your service charges.)

When you get mail receiving service with NYmail. You get service, features and complementary satisfaction. 

* Signup for service online, by phone or walk in.
* We assign you a 5th Ave NY Address.
* Start receiving mail and packages at this new address
* When you mail arrives, come pick it up or we can forward.
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Mail Forwarding

Postal Mail Forwarding . A mail address is only as important as the mail that comes there. That's why we not only receive the mail for you but also forward mail to you. This is a great feature for those who live out of town or abroad. Many large and small businesses rely on us to forward there mail on a regular basis. So never get late mail or missed articles. Mail forwarding is easy, here's how: Call our automated system to find out whether or not you have mail, then let us know if you need mail forwarding. Customer must provide Self-Addressed Stamped Priority Mail Envelopes. To sign up, please feel free to walk-in with a photo ID.

You may pick up your mail from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays.

Package Receiving: Many customers have a need to receive packages at our location too. Not a problem. We receive Packages too. When a package arrives we receive it and notify you by email. You may ten com to pick up. We Do Not forward packages.

We accept packages from all delivery services.

International Customers: Please call us for details and sign up procedures.
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