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Mailbox rentals have been around for as long as we can remember, and they have retained their usefulness even in today's fast-paced and inter-connected world for good reason. Mailbox rentals offer a range of benefits, including privacy, security, & reliability. These and other features make mailbox rentals even more essential in today's ever-changing world.


To start, many people want to maintain their privacy. Mailbox rentals allow customers to receive their mail and packages without revealing sensitive personal information, including their home address. Mailbox rentals ensure that their customers' private information will be kept confidential.

In addition to receiving personal mail, business customers have the dual-benefit of being able to receive their business mail as well.


NYMAIL.com has the unique advantage of offering a Fifth Avenue address for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their image with a premium mailbox rental at a Fifth Avenue location.


With many people increasingly doing their shopping online today, mailbox rentals are even more desirable, because they offer to accept physical delivery of packages. Mailbox rentals offer a convenient place where shoppers can receive packages without actually being present.


NYMAIL.com has the unique advantage of offering a convenient midtown Manhattan location that is open extended hours for business, including Saturdays, where customers can receive deliveries from all major carriers.


Mailbox rentals offer a greater level of security than unsecured private mailboxes. Many people worry about the integrity and security of their mail and packages, understandably worried that strangers may gain unauthorized access. A mailbox rental service can ensure proper security measures are taken, and that mail will be received and distributed safely and securely.


Many people move from one place to the next on a regular basis, especially in larger cities. Mailbox rentals offer a portable address that users can take with them whenever they move, without filling out change of address forms. In this regard, a mailbox rental offers consistency over time that traditional mailboxes do not. A unique advantage that NYMAIL.comoffers is the ability for people to have their mail forwarded to them wherever they are physically located, even if they change their physical address every few years.


Mailbox rentals offer all of these features and more at a price that many people can readily afford. Privacy, security and convenience are priceless commodities to many consumers, but NYMAIL.com offers all three at reasonable prices affordable to almost any budget.

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