We provide you a physical address, on Fifth Avenue, where you can receive packages from all major carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and messenger/courier services as compared to a P.O. Box, at which you can receive packages from USPS. We also allow for private-party drop-offs. Moreover, unlike at the post office, you do not have to wait in a line to retrieve your packages.
NYmail has been in business since 1985.
There are three ways you can sign up for a mailbox with us: you can simply walk in at our location with a government-issued picture-ID and fill out two additional forms in person, at which time, we can assign you an exclusive Suite number. You can also visit our website, www.nycvirtualoffice.com, and click "DOWNLOAD FORMS" and print them out, complete them, and then scan and email or fax us the application with a copy of your ID. Finally, you can visit our website and sign-up using the online application.
Under the business plan, you can receive mail under your personal name and/or you business name. Therefore, your address would be as follows:
Name and/or Business Name
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite (the assigned Suite)
New York, N.Y. 10001

Please note that correspondence addressed to you without a Suite number will cause a delay with respect to receiving your mail. On rare occasions, the post office may inadvertently redirect your mail elsewhere. To ensure timely receipt of your mail, please notify all of your correspondents to include your Suite number.
The 1583 form is an official United States Postal Service document that allows us to receive mail on your behalf. Without that form, we would be unable to accept your mail.
Government Driver's Licenses, passports, passport cards, permanent green cards, and any other government-issued picture-ID.
If you sing-up in person, within 15 minutes. If you sign-up online, we will assign you a Suite number within the hour.
Yes, you can up bank accounts and apply for credit cards using this address.
Once we assign you a Suite number, we issue you an ID card with your Suite number. You simply need to show that card and someone will retrieve your mail. In the absence of that card, you can show us your ID.
If we are required to sign for the package when accepting it, we send you a real-time email notification at your preferred email address.
Yes, instructions will be provided, there is a Mail Checker number that you can call on weekdays at 1PM in order to find out whether you have mail.
Unless you have the Business Plus plan, you can only receive mail under your name and/or under the business name.
The handling and storage fee depends on the size and the weight of the parcel. Larger and heavier packages accrue greater storage and handling fees.
No. If you receive a USPS parcel that doesn't require our signature and the parcel fits in your mailbox there is no storage and handling fee.
If you are waiting for a particularly important piece of mail, you may call the office from time to time to see whether you have received it.
You can give the person your laminated card to show us when picking up your mail, or, you can call us in advance so we can verify your identity.
Yes. Packages greater than 50lbs, if they are large as well, may not be accepted.
Yes. We would use our FedEx/UPS/DHL account numbers to forward your package. In order for us to do so, we must have a prior payment to be used against shipping charges.
Yes. We will not reveal your personal information to third parties. The only instance where we will share your information is at the request of a federal or state law enforcement agencies.
We will not be responsible for packages that are not picked up within 30 days.
We will hold your mail as long as your account is current.
Yes, you can sign-up for Auto-pay for a recurring charge to a credit card on file.