Mail Receiving

In today day's interconnected and dynamic world, where people are able to conduct their personal and business affairs from anywhere, the importance of having a safe and secure place to receive mail cannot be overstated.

NYMAIL offers customers a safe, secure, private and prestigious Fifth Avenue address where they can receive their personal and business mail.

In contrast to traditional mail receiving, some of the benefits of receiving mail at NYMAIL include:

  • Prestige

NYMAIL offers customers a Fifth Avenue address for their exclusive use. Unlike traditional mailbox rentals, where customers receive PO Boxes, each NYMAIL customer receives a Suite number. Customers can use their Suite numbers to register their businesses with state and federal agencies, open bank accounts and apply for lines of credit.

  • Privacy

Customers can receive mail without revealing sensitive personal information to third parties (e.g., their home address).

  • Security

Mail received at NYMAIL is handled safely, securely and discreetly. In other words, there is no unauthorized access to mail.

  • Reliability

In business since 1986, NYMAIL has served customers for over three decades, consistently exceeding expectations.

  • Convenience

NYMAIL is located in Midtown Manhattan, easily accessible to all major subway lines and buses, and is open extended hours, including Saturdays, for customer convenience.

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