Package Receiving

In today's day and age many people not only to choose to - but prefer to - do their shopping online. Everything from TV's to TV dinners can be ordered online with the ease and convenience of several clicks on a website.

Consequently, people need a safe, secure and reliable place where they can receive their packages. offers customers an exclusive Fifth Avenue address where they can receive their packages and parcels. Instead of receiving packages at their home or business, customers can use their virtual Fifth Avenue address to receive their packages. There are no lost or stolen packages to worry about, no missed deliveries or nosy neighbors to worry about.

NYMAIL offers benefits that traditional mailboxes do not.

First, NYMAIL is open extended hours during the week as well as Saturdays for package receiving.
Second, NYMAIL accepts packages from ALL carriers, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS -- and even Messenger deliveries.
Third, NYMAIL provides real-time package alerts for select packages.
Fourth, NYMAIL holds these packages securely for pick-up.
And fifth, NYMAIL can even forward packages to a customer to their preferred address.

When customers sign up with NYMAIL, they can be assured that their packages will be received, that they will be handled and stored securely, and that they will be notified upon package receipt.

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