Why Choose Manhattan Mailbox Service?
Manhattan Mailbox

As life has become increasingly hectic, with personal and professional commitments demanding more and more of people’s time, NYMAIL offers an element of simplicity by offering a convenient and affordable mailbox rental service. At NYMAIL, consumers can rent a virtual mailbox at a prestigious Fifth Avenue location to receive their personal and/or business correspondence.

In addition to mail receiving, NYMAIL offers a variety of mail forwarding options to ensure that customers can receive their actual mail wherever they are located.

For people looking to declutter, NYMAIL offers a highly secure mail scanning service, allowing people the ability to not only access their mail online but also to appropriately discard it.

Like traditional mailboxes, NYMAIL offers a safe and secure physical location where people can receive their mail. But unlike traditional mailboxes, NYMAIL also offers a digital portal where people can manage their incoming correspondence from the comfort of their own home.

NYMAIL offers all of the convenience of the following services at competitive prices:

  • Package Receiving
  • Mail Receiving
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Scanning

Some additional benefits include:

  • Privacy

A virtual mailbox NYC allows people to receive personal and business mail – as well as packages – without revealing sensitive personal information, like home addresses and telephone numbers.

  • Convenience

NYMAIL is located in Midtown Manhattan – on Fifth Avenue -- which is easily accessible from all major subways and buses.

  • Prestige

Having a Fifth Avenue addresses lends credibility to any person or business looking to enhance their image.

NYMAIL has been in business since 1986, proudly serving local, national, and international customers for over three decades.

Please visit NYMAIL.COM or call at 212.679.0000 for more details.

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