In today’s digital world virtual office address at a prestigious location has become an absolute necessity to enhance the worth of any personal, business or corporate venture. Whether you are a freelancer, contractor or business owner, if you have a plan of renting a virtual mailbox, it is always recommended to get a reputed and professional service provider like NYmail to get the mailbox rental task done with more ease and efficiency.

With decades of experience in offering and handling customer mailbox rental service, Nymail provides excellent and satisfactory mail receiving, forwarding and scanning services like no other in the country.

However, there are various other benefits of hiring Nymail virtual office address service that customers repeatedly look forward to hiring such professionals.

Here, let us take a look at the reasons that make Nymail one of the best choices for your mail receiving and forwarding service provider.

Versatility in Service:

We offer mailbox rental service for personal, business and corporate mailbox. We have different packages designed and customized for each category which makes it easy to decide and buy the right deal that meets your requirements precisely.

The virtual office address can be used to register your company, opening bank accounts and other official assessments which brings instant credibility to your business enterprise.


Our virtual office addresses are located at prestigious locations in the country yet extremely affordable as compared to other service companies. This brings a great opportunity to establish your identity, brand and company among your clients, especially when you have a small or startup business.

Superfast Service:

Nymail is popular for our high quality and super fast delivery. We work with an expert team of technicians who are dedicatedly working to deliver their service from the very moment you purchase the right package with them.

Licensed and Certified Company:

The virtual world is full of imposters and hackers who are continuously looking for a victim. Nymail is a certified company and holds an authentic license for the service they provide.

If you wish to set up your virtual office address which involves your own identity and your business reputation, it is always advisable to get your virtual mailbox rental from a genuine company like Nymail. This not only protects your confidentiality but also prevents unwanted legal compliances in the future.

No Long Term Contracts:

Nymail mail receiving and forwarding services don’t come with any long term agreement. You can purchase our service as long as you want or even cancel a package whenever you desire. This is helpful because you don’t need to stick to a certain service even when you find it unsatisfactory. Moreover, it establishes Nymail’s truthfulness and integrity in our business and quality of service.

No Deposit or Setup Fees required:

Unlike other companies that acquire high deposit fees to secure our service to you, we just believe in honesty and commitment. You don’t have to spend a penny on deposit fees.

Furthermore, we offer free setup of your Fifth Avenue Virtual Office Address. All you need to do is sign up online or download the forms from our website. Then fill in the form and email back to them with a photocopy of a government-issued photo-id. You will be provided with a suite number where you can start receiving mails and packages instantly.

Available for Both Domestic and International Clients:

Working in the industry for several decades now, Nymail has acquired the experience to expand their client base from domestic to international customers. Serving customers from around the globe now, you can avail of our mail receiving and forwarding service sitting in a different country.

Working in the industry for several decades now, Nymail has acquired the experience to expand their client base from domestic to international customers. Serving customers from around the globe now, you can avail of our mail receiving and forwarding service sitting in a different country.

This is a great step to receiving packages and mails from anywhere in the world without the stress of exposing your personal address or spending huge amounts on delivery expenses.

Notification Alert:

Nymail service packages come with various beneficial features that make your deal more convenient and worthwhile. One of the many features includes SMS notification alert when you have a mail or package at our storage.

Once you receive the notification, you can decide where and when you wish the mail or package to be delivered. If you are into something crucial or out of town, you can ask them to postpone the delivery accordingly.

Furthermore, if you have another mail waiting in the pipeline, you can just ask them to wait and deliver both the packages together at a later date. This saves a lot of money on delivery as compared to the expenses incurred on the individual shipment.

No Cancellation Fees:

Nymail doesn’t bind their service with any agreement or long term contract. So, you can cancel your purchased service whenever you wish to without any cancellation fees. In this way, Nymail offers a lot of flexibility where if you are not satisfied with their quality of service, you can easily walk out free, without having to spend huge compensation for the same. It is a definite and interesting way Nymail proclaims the high-grade service they provide to their clients.

Extended Pickup Hours:

Nymail works in flexible pickup hours. You can simply change the time of mail receiving and mail forwarding when it's convenient for you. Nymail would extend their working hours to serve you in the time that best suits you. Always prioritizing customer requirements, Nymail has been consistently delivering value and trust through our service.

Free Mail Receiving and Storage:

You might be pressed into a certain situation when you receive a mail or a package. We understand your situation and store your package in highly protected and secured storage. Until the package is delivered to you, the technical team ensures your mail is monitored and protected from any mishandling condition. Moreover, this service too comes absolutely free which adds more value to the service you hire.

Confidential and Secured:

We are a professional team of qualified technicians and understand your concerns when it comes to the confidentiality and security of your personal and crucial information.

When you buy a virtual office address from Nymail, we safeguard all your personal data like email address, phone number, delivery address, bank credentials and more, from getting exposed to any unauthorized personnel. We adhere to all standard security measures to make sure your dealings occur in a fair and protected environment.

Mailbox rental is a great achievement that benefits individuals and companies in a variety of ways. Choosing Nymail mail receiving and forwarding service can bring immense profit, growth and scalability in your business functioning.

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