Why Choose NYMail for Virtual Office Services?

Working in a virtual office is on the rise, especially in recent times. But did you all know what virtual offices do? A virtual office is a way for organizations to establish a physical presence while affording the opportunity to work remotely. Virtual offices allow businesses to avoid overhead costs and staffing expenses.

Many major companies have adopted this medium and mode of working, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Fundamentally, all virtual offices have the same foundation, and they all provide a physical mailing address. NYMAIL offers virtual mailboxes at competitive and affordable prices. The following are some features of NYMAIL that sets it apart from its competitors.

  • Prestigious Fifth Avenue Address

    NYMAIL allows businesses the opportunity to have an exclusive and prestigious Fifth Avenue Address. Many companies offer virtual office addresses but a Fifth Avenue address enhances the credibility of any business. This is one aspect that separates NYMAIL from its competitors. 

  • On-the-spot Sign-up is an intuitive and user-friendly site where people and businesses sign-up for their virtual mailboxes. NYMAIL prides itself on keeping its customers’ information safe and secure. One can actually go to their office and set up a mailbox in person, or, in the alternative, visit and sign up online. It is quick, easy, and very affordable. Sign up and get your address today!

  • 50% off

    NYMail not only considers its clients’ busy schedules but also takes into consideration the other needs that clients have, include cost and affordability. To that end, NYMAIL has an introductory offer of 50% off any customer’s first order. 

  • No Set-up Charges

    Many virtual mailbox companies ask for a considerable amount of money when even setting up the mailbox for the first time. NYMAIL does not have any set-up charges, charges no unnecessary deposits, and has no cancellation fees. Setting up a mailbox with NYMAIL could not conceivably be any more affordable than it is, especially with the 50% discount mentioned above.

  • No Deposit

    NYMail is a company that sets industry standards. Unlike many other companies that provide virtual offices, NYMAIL requires no deposits. The money you will pay when you sign up with NYMAIL goes directly toward the services rendered.

  • No Long-Term Agreement

    Often when registering for a virtual address, people don’t want to make any long-term agreements in the event a situation arises where they have to relocate. Other unforeseen circumstances may also arise. Factoring this into account, NYMAIL does not require any long-term commitments from its customers.

  • No Cancellation Charges

    Just like it doesn’t require any long-term commitments, NYMAIL similarly has no cancellation fees or other fees that would discourage continued use. People can cancel at any time for any reason. This feature sets NYMAIL apart from its competitors.

  • Walk-In To Pick Up

    With NYMail, business owners and other clients have two options of receiving their mail. They can either request their mail to be sent directly to their home. And if they want to keep their home address private they can come in to pick up their mail.

  • Extended Pick-Up Hours

    Most mailbox rental companies have limited hours in which customers can pick up their mail. NYMAIL is open extended hours on weekdays AND Saturdays as well for its customers’ convenience.

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