When running a business, you should be aware of all the places that are rendering your profit not to be as high as its potential. You should keep in mind that every task that your company does in done as quickly as possible to save time, which in turn saves money.

Commercial Mail Receiving Agency has been found by researchers that sieving through physical mail, as well as electronic mails durinsg work hours, takes a lot of time. You would be surprised to find that more than 65% of new businesses spend more than an hour every month going through physical mail while around 25% spend more than 3 hours, and approximately 10% spend over 6 hours.

If you can calculate the total time your company spends, in a year, behind this task, you see that you are losing out on thousands of dollars in profit.

What many businesses do not keep in mind is that the amount of time spends doing a task should be done most efficiently. Never underestimate the time it takes for you to do something in company hours.

This knowledge will help you save a lot of money and hassle.

About the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency

If you are wondering what exactly is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency and services that offer to you, then you should go through this article.

You will see that a commercial mailing receiving agency, also known as a mail drop or a private mail receiving service. It is incredibly beneficial for any private business person. They accept mail from postal service on your behalf.

The CMRA is going to receive the mail and other deliveries on their address rather than your company's actual address. Depending upon your requirements, the CMRA can directly forward you the parcels, or you can pick it up. It works independently of the national postal administration, and you can also take up their virtual mailbox or online post office services.

Advantages of choosing a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency for your Company

  • Increases efficiency of administrative tasks

    To make administrative tasks more comfortable, this includes all back-office stars including accounting, keeping a record of files, sorting and scanning mails, archiving mails, etc.

    These kinds of work are to tend up a lot of time, especially if you are receiving physical mail. Even though the market has become more dependent on e-services, many companies still receive physical mail which needs to be opened and sorted.

    Handling this mail becomes a significant problem, and it takes a lot of hours to process the contents properly. That is also the problem that many a time these packages get mixed with your company's shipments when you have the same address for both.

    You can outsource some of this back-office work with the help of the CMRA. Your employees can now focus on their primary tasks without having to waste time sorting and archiving those emails.

    Eliminate this manual mail sorting in your company and find what you are looking for systematically from one place.

  • Virtual office services lead to a reduction in overheads costs

    With the help of the virtual office services by CMRA, you can forego the cost of a physical office where you would have to keep archives copies of your mails and parcels.

    This is especially great for small companies where generally employees work from home. The monthly charge of renting out space is much costlier than a virtual office.

    Mails will be sent to this virtual office address, and according to your company's requirements, the CMRA is going to sort it out.

  • Helps in scanning and archiving physical mail

    As stated earlier, this is probably the most important function performed by a commercial mail receiving agency. The help you manage your physical mail and increase the efficiency of back-office stars of your company.

    They will discard all the junk mail and sieve through the important ones. These important ones will then be systematically sent to you. They will help you scan the mail and uploaded it to a virtual address where it will be archived for your future use.

    The service will be provided to you for a monthly or yearly charge depending upon your requirement. As the CMRA upload everything in one location, the annoying task of going through all the possible places where you can store your data, physical or virtual, gets eliminated.

  • Faster and more affordable shipping

    If your company gets a massive amount of traditional mail or have many email ids, then you must be aware of the fact that automatic processes save a lot of time.

    Any postal service that employs automation will confess that presorted mail can be delivered up to one day earlier than the other ones. One day may not seem like a massive deal to many, but for a business, 24 hours is a lot of time to make considerable profits.

    With the help of the CMRA, you can get not only faster and affordable shipping but also secure shipping as it lets you track your shipment in real-time.

  • Increases the growth rate of your company

    When your company can focus on its primary task and not waste time going through the mails, then it leads to more productivity. You can save so much money by employing the services of CMRA, which can be effectively utilized for the growth of your company.

    Even the fact that you can own virtual office space is impressive considering the fact that paying a monthly rental fee for a real address will be costlier. With so many benefits, you are putting your company in line for guaranteed success.


Get help from a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency and get more organized. Just fix a date with the agency and talk to them about how you would like to handle your business mail.

NYMail offers you the solution that specifically caters to your company's needs. Do not waste any more company time by overlooking the money spent in doing this task. You should consider outsourcing the help that your company needs.

Initially, you may feel like you are spending more money than required, but if you do the necessary calculations, you will understand precisely how much you are saving.

Pay more attention to your company's core tasks and do not get bogged down by the vast amounts of mails and parcels that you get.

When you find the brilliant and systematic way all your data is available from one source, you will be able to do your job without any unnecessary stops on the way!

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